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For this type of building, STEAM has always followed the principles of Bio-Architecture and Environmental Sustainability, also taking into account the latest Smart Working concepts.

Current requirements lead to extending research to spaces that are organised, bright, rigorous, innovative and comfortable. It should not be underestimated that the overall effect of furniture and its layout influence users and operators’ work, playing a crucial role in solving issues related to the impact of an unknown environment under altered or compromised perceptible conditions.

Since humans are mainly aware of visual stimuli, it is important to take into account colour stimuli that can positively influence the wellbeing of workers, including the relationship between artificial and natural light.

Attention is clearly given to comfort in work environments in terms of the right climate control conditions and acoustics in such spaces. STEAM has always focused on acoustics in theatres, auditoriums and conference halls, thanks to its highly skilled team that has continuously grown over the years.