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All technical and architectural choices made by STEAM concerning the renovation and restoration of buildings of historical and cultural interest are intended to preserve the nature of the original structure, combining history with innovation for compatible use.

Solutions adopted for various intervention projects are based on three concepts:

  • Conservation of historical and artistic features achieved by devising programmes to recover materials and by designing additions using technologies based on local building traditions, possibly updated in line with new techniques.
  • Innovation intended to create elements with strong contemporary appeal in terms of technologies and materials, concepts used in the most affected spaces or in those subject to incongruous transformations, which are the result of uncoordinated interventions or coordinated ones without adequate preliminary analysis. The concept of innovation is also used for architectural spaces intended as new implementations to integrate with existing structures.
  • Completion, intended as integration of parts already largely transformed but not concluded or identified as incompatible with the consistency and features of historical components, with no formal character or technological content.