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Fiduciary relationships established with managers of road, rail and airport infrastructures and leading engineering firms in Italy perfectly demonstrate STEAM’s ability to find solutions for all noise-related issues.

The academic commitment of Prof. Mauro Strada, professor at IUAV (University Institute of Architecture of Venice), has enabled the company to implement works in the acoustic field thanks its contacts with the scientific community of the sector.

Ongoing research, the application of modelling software and tools for monitoring activities in the fields of acoustics, traffic and vibrations allow STEAM to find the best solutions for environmental noise control and the pursuit of comfort in living environments.

In the field of environmental acoustics, STEAM has long-standing experience in monitoring, preparing acoustic impact studies, Restoration plans and Acoustic Classification of the territory.

Moreover, STEAM has a significant portfolio in the field of designing architectural acoustics for complex infrastructures, such as hospitals, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas, conference and multi-purpose halls.