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STEAM is proud for technical offer editing drawing up participation in the restricted procedure for award of energy services for technological plants of ULSS n. 2 of Feltre (BL) and related redevelopment of Hospital urban systems.
STEAM oversaw energy analysis on the energy balance of Feltre Hospital and generators operating plan of the new technology center in the project status.
Loads and energy requirements estimation (heat, cooling energy, steam, electricity) was the result of a separate analysis of each pavilion: in particular for each pavilion were retrieved data such as area, volume, UTA air flow rate, dispersions, infiltration, radiation, internal loads, people (as maximum crowding data, then reduced according to a time profile to estimate the latent intake); for each building were estimated emission yields, control and distribution (inside the building, the energy lost in the network is implemented in the terminal operation simulations). The improvements solutions were developed thanks to timely managerial methodological analysis that evaluated:

  • Coverage of energy needs in ordinary regime during seasonal;
  • Coverage of energy needs in extraordinary regime (catastrophe, earthquake, lack of gas or electricity network);
  • Operating Plan of the equipment in the ordinary regime and overtime;
  • Yields of equipment, modulation capabilities and performance at partial loads;
  • Design life of the equipment in relation to the different modes of operation and performance of load factor;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs induced by operating plan;
  • Flexibility of use;
  • Maintenance and management Simplicity;
  • Restitution of the equipment at the end of contract with appropriate functional characteristics.