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Institute Oncology Veneto (IOV) delegated STEAM an important design contract for EX Hospital Busonera.

Intervention consisted in the plant connection in the subsoil with Hospital existing thermal power plant and construction of thermal substations and refrigerator. STEAM involved the construction of an air link from existing thermal power plant with pipes directly bracketed in the laundry building wall, in order to achieve the best position to carry out the excavation parabolic (microtunnel realized with No-Dig technology) that allows underground overcoming foundations of the historic walls (protected architectural constraint) and underground lines along main street.
Furthermore was performed expansion of thermal power plant that is located in the oncology institution building coverage and displacement of an existing refrigerator group. Installation of two refrigeration units (and their cooling towers) and the construction of buildings and plant of pumping fluids substation completed work.
These works, made necessary by an imperative demands from Busonera hospital complex, had a minimal aesthetic-functional impact, with precise works and sometimes maximizing recovery or replacement of existing equipment built. This strategy, implemented by linear underground operations, allows an extreme compliance of pre-architectural and environmental existences of this area, so important from a functional standpoint, but also so delicate historical and environmental point of view.