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In response to the tender for Mezzolombardo Hospital, STEAM presented its design concernign architectural installations and technological plants.

Main STEAM aims through integrated design were:

  • The creation of a welcoming and modern hospital, that can be the mirror of technological innovation;
  • The realization, in the common spaces designed to stop / standby and distribution paths, specific areas directly illuminated by natural light;
  • The definition of more usable and viable interior spaces, as operators as users, through the insertion of distribution corridors wider than those of project based on tender;
  • Careful choice of architectural envelope components and in general building materials, in order to combine simplicity, durability and regionality, to new technological trends that are developed to meet the increasing demands for energy and environmentally friendly containment;
  • The well-being temperature and humidity, visual, noise and respiratory, olfactory and air quality for all users accessing the hospital
  • Energy and water savings combined with ease of management and maintenance of designed plants
  • The earthquake safety, from the point of view of fire prevention and plant exercise.