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STEAM was responsible for drafting of technical project, results from surveys campaign, for management of public lighting service and for realization of modernization of plants falling in Battipaglia municipality.

The project proposed technical and aesthetic solutions aimed at achieving a good compromise between energy balance, environmental comfort and plants safety. STEAM proposed to replace most of road luminaires equipped with high pressure sodium sources, especially those not in accordance with road type apparatus equipped with LED light sources and road optical. The same replacement surgery using LED technology presents with street luminaires and identified in the city and divided into globes and lanterns. In addition,

STEAM team provided remote control systems that constitute an effective solution in failures prevention in their early resolution and are a great tool for cost control. Beyond the undoubted advantages in terms maintenance, centralized plants for remote management and remote control function is to regulate the flux emitted by the lighting apparatus arranged, in order to respond to regional law against light pollution, obtaining significant benefits in terms of energy savings and life elongation of light sources.