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Treviso Provincial Administration decided to make New Headquarters of the Province in the complex of the former Sant’Artemio Hospital Neuropsychiatric with restoration, renovation and expansion. STEAM, in collaboration with other companies, was responsible for design of the following systems:

  • Technological center (thermo-refrigerator central) and distribution networks;
  • Ambient air installations (air and heat transfer fluids);
  • Water and sanitary facilities and toilet flushing;
  • Dirty water drainage systems;
  • Control system – supervising mechanical installations;
  • Electrical installations at service of mechanical service.

STEAM Design aims were:

  • Plant flexibility guaranteeing individual management of heating and cooling ambient parameters;
  • Remote control of individual areas with possible management of switching times and plant shutdown, possibility of excluding not used areas;
  • Use of renewable and alternative energy sources (supported by technical and economic analysis);
  • Operating costs control;
  • Operation Guarantee even in disasters and emergency events least heating;
  • Space and plants flexibility for future revision of internal partitions;
  • Plants accessibility and ease of maintenance.

It was also performed an acoustic study in order to assess noise sources compatibility introduced by STEAM project compared to urban context in which it is inserted, with reference to national legislation. Aims of this study was to verify system noise in the served rooms, view to safeguarding acoustic comfort conditions in the New Headquarters.