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STEAM has been commissioned to draw up preliminary, final, executive design and specialist supervision of works for electrical and special plants and stage equipment of the New Petruzzelli Theater of Bari.

The execution of service dedicated to a historic building, used for public entertainment activities which is Petruzzelli theater, required special measures that were outside normal system types.

In particular, plants should had a reliability and flexibility such as to guarantee continuity of service during the course of the various representations, even in presence of critical situations such as power outages by Supplier or first plant failures. In order to ensure continuity of service, especially for all those parts of plant essential for safety, for both users and operators, has had to keep a redundancy of power supplies that averted eventuality of possible electric black-outs and out service special systems, ensuring an excellent cost-benefit.

Particular attention was dedicated to visual and acoustic comfort of users paying particular attention to the choice of lighting solutions and systems for information and sound system.