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STEAM was commissioned by Tepor Spa and Siemens to write up an architectural, structural and plant design, for renovation and expansion of the department of pediatrics at Businco and Microcitemico Hospital – ASL n. 8 Cagliari. Beyond the functional reorganization and construction of the existing part, ASL 8 has been to create a new building, initially arranged over 2 levels (in addition of course to a plan of attack to the ground to be devoted to the passage and all ‘input), within which to concentrate functions prenatal, maternal and gynecological and laboratory.

The main front facing north is characterized by the presence of different sized lodges on which open the windows that illuminate the hospital rooms, clinics, laboratories and workplaces.

In an effort to comply and communicate with the Hospital main facade, it was thought to be painted, each with a different color for imparting an aesthetic very humanizing especially in reference to the structure pediatric users, as opposed to hospital activities diagnostic and care taking place inside.

In the project STEAM integrated all the most modern construction applications in the field of passive energy saving (opaque and transparent envelope, sunscreen, use of underground volumes, reducing heat island effect, etc.). A series of effective measures on the side of the passive containment (the building) and active (the dissipated energy consumer systems) makes it possible to achieve interesting perspectives containment of installed power and energy to be delivered.