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STEAM took care of acoustic impact studies and detailed design of acoustic mitigation intervention for Pedemontana Lombarda Highway with reference to Routes B1. B2. C. D and Varese-Como ring road for a total length of 126.00 km.

In particular, the study has shown:

– The classification of the territory caught by work realization and current state of environment;

– A description of basic design data, and available sources, in particular:

  1. Environmental Impact Study;
  2. Receptors census and phonometric survey points identification;
  3. Traffic study;

– Changes introduced by the work;

– Work’s compatibility with existing standards;

– Any mitigation works required;

– Construction site phase.

The adopted methodology for noise assessment in pre-intervention and project network, in the most critical conditions, consisted in creating a three-dimensional acoustic model, calibrated on the results of an adequate campaign of sound measurements in site. To achieve this purpose was used a specific simulation software called SoundPlan that allowed construction of a virtual model of territory, introduction of sound sources to be analyzed and creation of acoustic noise maps. To check project compatibility with standards, the study took into account the current national and regional laws. The comparison between applied noise levels and values ​​of noise immission limit, allowed to define noise mitigation aims, on which any active and passive mitigation actions have been dimensioned.