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Palazzo Gussoni required restoration work, not only architectural and structural, but in particular in order to retrofit the entire building from the plant’s point of view, fire prevention, safety in the workplace and the elimination of architectural barriers in buildings public.

STEAM, after a careful examination of the general characteristics of the structure, according to use requirements and plants retrofitting, led to the definition and subsequent implementation of the following works:

  • Demolition of water, drainage and heating existing plants;
  • Installation of new air-conditioning system;
  • Implementation of new toilets;
  • Creation of the whole drainage and ventilation network;
  • Links to treatment plants installed in technical rooms on the ground floor of the whole network of waste water;
  • Installation of electrical plants at the service of mechanical plants;
  • Waste water treatment plant;
  • Fire system;
  • Humidification system.

STEAM team also provided for the installation of a new type of hydraulic elevator that has been installed within an existing air shaft.

This action also provides for the complete overhaul of the electrical, security, special plant, in order to make it accessible to ” office ” function, both in terms of satisfaction of the requirements necessary for safety regulations, both to ensure adequate comfort to users.