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Restoring a building of great historical value, such as Palazzo Fulcis in Belluno, is a rather delicate. It is to operate carefully, not only from a static point of view, but especially from functional to avoid destroying, irremediably, the quality of property that it is important to preserve.
Aim of the intervention is the adaptation of existing spaces to host new headquarters of Civic Museum.

STEAM project of restoration and preservation arises essentially two different aims:

  • Recovery of a building of considerable historical value to the city;
  • Creation of a safe and functional space, to be entrusted to institutions for the construction of new City Museum. This museum will also be equipped with suitable space for temporary exhibitions.

If the first of aims obliges to operate plant “non-invasive choices” on the structure so as to ensure the maximum respect to the architecture of the building, the second involves need to include modern and widespread plant to ensure operation guarantee, flexibility to adapt to various situations of use, people safety but also of artistic heritage in it guarded.

Design also includes special measures outside normal system types and in particular it was planned:

  • A not standardized main and secondary distribution system and custom designed depending on power supply area;
  • A lighting system with two distinct functions: general ambient lighting and lighting of the works of art on display;
  • A technological element of pleasant appearance, on which to integrate any special plant at the service of people and things security is emergency lighting and indication of escape routes, presence detector, camera, sound system etc.