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The new headquarter of the Orion Bank in Dushanbe in Tajikistan had as design protagonist STEAM.

STEAM staff worked both the preliminary design as detailed design and supervision of works for architectural, mechanical, electrical and special plant.

The building consists of 3 separate units, two of which were already made long ago and required a restructuring in the interior and a new building. Three units were covered on the outside by a new facade based on prefabricated elements of value. It is composed of a metal support structure and cladding panels partially blind and partially glazed. A high degree of thermal insulation was given to whole façade, using mineral wool panels of 10 cm thick interposed between the masonry wall and the covering panels.

The project includes the mechanical plants listed below:

  • heat production
  • heating system
  • chilled water production
  • hot and cold fluids distribution system
  • ventilation and air conditioning

STEAM plant design has had as primary objectives the creation of a comfortable micro-climate in the building complex rooms as well as the high reliability and durability. In the design of systems were included energy saving measures, installation of setting systems, control and accounting of energy resources and water consumption as well as insulation to reduce noise of the plant.