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STEAM was responsible for architectural and structural design, technological systems, furnishings and equipment for the new surgical intensive care unit at San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza. The complex of operations involves the construction of a wing host a new group of operating rooms and wards and a technical building containing installations in the main body service. The project was born above all from the need to enter the new building in “diverse” environment prevailing at the hospital, in which live the historic core, since the ancient monastery of San Bartolomeo Lateran canons (now the hospital towards the end 1700), and the most recent interventions by the mid-sixties to the present. A further suggestion was found in the form of existing buildings on the property boundaries, especially that of the “southwest pavilions”, that led the main compositional theme of the project, namely the dichotomy between the “monolith”, in which are contained all health functions, and volume of external stairs and technical spaces in coverage, twisting around the “monolith” himself, closes the “fifth” perimeter of the hospital lot.

This dichotomy is also reflected in the materials of which the two main elements consist of:

  • the “monolith” is covered with stoneware tiles large format laid horizontally;
  • the volume of external stairs and technical spaces in the cover is covered with opal translucent polycarbonate panels laid vertically.

Concerning plants, they were designed:

  • Supply systems and energy conversion;
  • Ambient air-conditioning systems;
  • Sanitary water systems;
  • Exhaust systems;
  • Black or meteoric water lifting system;
  • Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Ventilation and cooling equipment rooms;
  • Control System – BMS supervision;
  • Medical gases;
  • Pneumatic tube systems.