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STEAM was responsible for plant design of the new headquarters of Selta Spa in Piacenza providing for realization of the following mechanical, electrical and special plants:

  • Central heat
  • Refrigerating mains
  • Pump station and water plant
  • Distribution of heat transfer fluids
  • Winter and summer air-conditioning system to all floors
  • Water-sanitary system and drains
  • Fire system
  • Electrical transformer cabin MV / LV
  • Electrical local Boards and to the thermo-mechanical equipment service
  • Main Distribution
  • Secondary distribution
  • Lighting system inside and outside the building
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Motive power system (normal and absolute continuity)
  • Intercom system
  • CCTV system
  • Plant for motorized gates and time clocks (and attendance)
  • Grounding system
  • Protection system against lightning

The required temperature and humidity of the various local, their heights and fresh air volumes have imposed system choices pulled as tightly as possible to the energy saving, flexibility of installation and management of individual devices with the highest reliability.