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Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the new Reggio Emilia Railway Station, which opened June 9, 2013, received design input from STEAM team for plant, both mechanical and electrical than special.

The required temperature and humidity of the various local, their heights and fresh air volumes, require system choices pulled as tightly as possible to energy saving, flexibility of installation and management of individual devices with the highest reliability.

For this purpose STEAM decided to adopt the following technical solutions that represent the best compromise between complexity, cost and operational benefits:

  • Recovery of energy from air ejected from environment through recovery units installed on conditioning plants;
  • Fractionation of air climate processing of renewal on multiple machines;
  • Maximum use of free-cooling;
  • Pumping systems fractionation on multiple machines;
  • High standardization of components so as to reduce to the minimum the stocks of spare parts and simplify maintenance procedures;
  • Use of microprocessor-based digital controllers for the optimization of all operating parameters.

STEAM also considered, being design, as fundamental reliability and safety requirements that plants must have being in the service of a similar structure. Hence desire to create systems that, while not as oversized capacity, however tare able to respond positively to any partial system failures, reacting to ensure maintenance of minimum conditions of well-being, especially in large crowds areas.