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STEAM deal with design and supervision of works for mechanical plant of the new Psychiatric Department of St. Antonio Hospital of Padua. The project of the new psychiatry center provided for the construction of three floors with hospital activities and a technology plan to insert heat substation and equipments for air treating for the all plant service coverage of the new building.

Mechanical plants, provided by STEAM team, are listed below, with aims of user comfort in the structure and energy savings for the users Hospital Company:

  • Heat transfer fluids derivation by the Presidium existing networks, such as hot and chilled water, steam and condensate line, and medical gases;
  • Substations cooling;
  • Ambient air-conditioning systems (air and heat transfer fluids);
  • Medical Gas plant;
  • Connection to the domestic cold water network;
  • Water and sanitary system;
  • Exhaust system black water;
  • Fire- extinguishing system;
  • External areas irrigation system;
  • Control and supervision system;
  • Electrical systems at the service of mechanical system.