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New Pordenone hospital is designed to STEAM with aim of achieving a harmonious architectural integration with surrounding urban context, characterized by buildings with few floors.
The new building, total area of ​​about 60,000 m² and 500 beds, presents a services plate with three floors (one of which underground) and four towers of hospitalization, of reduced height, detached from each other so as to allow a permeability to view and reduce visual impact of new volumes.
Particular shape of patient rooms, with slanted windows to the city, shows to patients a more welcoming and friendly scene.
In the exterior, the solution to prepare underground parking has avoided need to build parking space with prefabricated metal structures, multilevel, of poor aesthetic value.
The shape of Via Montereale front become an integration of pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood, helping to make vision of the hospital less detached for citizens eyes.
Concerning technological systems, client requirements has a clear will to energy savings, thanks to the adoption of latest technologies available on the market including:

  • High-efficiency equipment;
  • Trigeneration plant;
  • Solar thermal system;
  • LED lighting fixtures;
  • Control of the ambient light, depending on presence of people and natural light contribution;
  • Photovoltaic system.