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STEAM was responsible for executive and construction design for the realization of lighting of the new Padua East viaduct aimed at drafting of the relevant ameliorative variation appraisal.

For Node Viario Padova Est lighting has been provided for:

  • No. 4 light towers for direct lighting, each working height 44 m, equipped with eight asymmetric floodlights with JM-1000W lamps;
  • No. 1 Street lighting 1x400W SAP, Hpl = 14 m, positioned symmetrically armor existing road south side;
  • No. 1 luminaire for strings consisting of a box made of stainless steel (AISI 3041) about the size 2400x400x150 mm (lxlxh) on which is placed a polycarbonate screen. The lighting is done by LED BL045-W3-854 type OSRAM LED. The device through the simplicity of its volumes lends itself well to the arc decorative lighting function.

STEAM performed, on equal visual demands, energy analyzes on the performance of the lighting consumption by beacon towers to direct lighting in the variant to the system of indirect illumination as provided in the tender project.