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The project for the new “Ospedale del Sud Est Barese” meets the need of the Regione Puglia to build an excellent healthcare facility, which is also an innovative and functional reference model and a sustainable architectural icon.

From an urban planning and environmental point of view, the new hospital was designed by STEAM as a building that interacts with the local area, which perfectly integrates with its surroundings and enhances them with new functions. Furthermore, it represents a typical landscape of the Apulian countryside, between hills and the sea, that features extensive olive growing and horticultural farming.

The morphological and functional design of the new hospital is focused on contextualising the new building while attempting to enhance the pre-existing buildings and vegetation in its setting. In this respect, STEAM carried out a type of morphological research into the local historical heritage of architectural value, especially with regard to the many historical farmhouses around the site of the new hospital between Monopoli and Fasano, which are the “major structural landmarks” of the local rural area.

The use of sustainable technologies and innovative materials can be seen in various aspects: in the overall environmental setting of new buildings, by meeting bioclimatic design criteria (ventilated walls, accumulation and transformation of solar energy and rain water); in the combination of traditional and contemporary materials (stone, wood and steel); in the recovery of artisan crafts and traditional materials reinterpreted for industrial production.