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In just 4 years new Mestre Hospital was built, an example of architectural innovation and technical efficiency, and STEAM designed the entire network of mechanical plant.

A new technological center was build in the hospital and STEAM designed three power plants that govern mechanical plant, from heating, air conditioning and supply of hot and cold water.

As the high and simultaneous demand for heat and electricity for this hospital complex, STEAM choice to design a cogeneration plant has been a very good solution for energy and consequently cost savings, with a reduced environmental impact.

Concerning water system, a power plant has been provided to acquire the water directly from the aqueduct and distributes after having treated it with beams of ultraviolet rays and subjecting it to periodic thermal shock to remove impurities and bacteria. STEAM also designed a thermal power station where are installed all the equipment needed for hot water production and the process steam, fully respecting fire and safety regulations and making easier maintenance and management works and a refrigeration station which produces cold water sent to the two substations that provide to air exchange and treatment by hospital areas.

STEAM technical solutions also guarantee a mitigation of the sound level of the equipment that provide air exchange and treatment, contained accurately and employing anti-vibration and attenuators on ducts.