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STEAM was the Lower Spa Group in charge of designing mechanical equipment, electrical and special systems for the new hotel and conference complex “Leonardo” located in Quinto di Treviso (TV).

The project has proposed the integration of the following mechanical plants:

  • Methane gas lines from the condominium and hotel supply points;
  • Thermal power stations and refrigeration and distribution networks;
  • Ambient Air-conditioning systems (air and heat transfer fluids);
  • Water and sanitary systems;
  • Exhaust black and blonde waters up to external networks;
  • Fire extinguishing system hydrants and sprinklers for the public garage;
  • Control system – supervision (single installation of materials and construction of the local electrical wiring and the DDC / field subsystems adjustment).

Concerning electrical system, complexity and the criticality of which is that of a public place show, has required a structure such as to ensure a practically absolute continuity of operation. It was also provided for the maintenance of the systems ensuring minimum disruption and still localized to small areas. For this purpose, the devices are designed appropriately sized and have been used planting schemes that guarantee a supply redundancy. Particular attention was dedicated to the visual and acoustic comfort of users paying maximum attention to the choice, where possible, of lighting solutions and systems for information and sound system.

After careful planning, STEAM team also dealt with supervision of works in an excellent manner.