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STEAM was responsible for electrical and mechanical design for the construction of new Ladisa Spa Cooking Center in Modugno (BA) and the subsequent preparation of practical application of the estimate of VVF of the Building Permit and ASL opinion. It was planned a main building used as a cooking center and an adjoining building for offices and service center in the area, linked together by means of a bus shelter.

The project involved the insertion of the following mechanical systems:

  • Technology Centre (thermal power plant) and distribution networks;
  • Cogeneration plant;
  • Central water supply and water treatment;
  • Ambient Air-conditioning systems (air and thermo-carrier fluid);
  • Water and sanitary systems;
  • Compressed air system;
  • Sewage discharge systems;
  • Production and distribution of low pressure steam system;
  • Adduction plant methane gas;
  • Fire extinguishing system (please refer to the technical report);
  • Control system – supervision;
  • Plant for the production of sanitary hot water;
  • Electrical installations in the mechanical service.

And the following electrical systems:

  • Receive MV;
  • Transformation MV / LV;
  • Emergency system;
  • Reactive compensation automatic and fixed minds;
  • Lines and main ducts and secondary distribution;
  • Electrical switchboards;
  • General lighting and security;
  • Distribution and utilization FM;
  • Electrical systems to the mechanical service;
  • Protection system against lightning;
  • Grounding system;
  • External lighting system;
  • Smoke and gas detection system;
  • Burglar alarm system and access control;
  • CCTV system;
  • Public address system;
  • Structured cabling system;
  • TV-SAT facility;
  • Attendance management system;
  • Intercom system.