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STEAM was responsible for detailed plant design for the new Jona Pavilion at the Hospital S.S. Giovanni e Paolo in Venice. The pavilion consists of a number of departments and areas that for their specificity require different plant solutions as a function of their intended use.
In general, in relation to mechanical plants, the works included in the project are:

  • New central cooling;
  • New substation-cooling inside the new building;
  • Distribution equipment for:
    1. Hot water for heating,
    2. Sterile steam,
    3. Chilled water,
    4. Cold and hot water for sanitary use;
  • Winter and summer air-conditioning system;
  • Water and sanitary systems and drains and rainwater helipad;
  • Fire extinguishing system;
  • Medical gas distribution system;
  • Control and supervision system.

As for electrical and special systems, STEAM has provided:

  • Medium Voltage Ring;
  • Main Distribution Low Voltage;
  • Terminal in Low Voltage Distribution;
  • Net power lighting and safety signs;
  • Net power utilities in absolute continuity;
  • Earthing and lightning protection;
  • Lighting system;
  • Emergency lighting system;
  • Power plant;
  • Data transmission system and telephony;
  • Antenna System TV
  • Fire detection system;
  • Call Equipment;
  • Public address system;
  • System clocks;
  • Intercom system, access control, intruder and CCTV preparation plant;
  • Supervision system.