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STEAM, in collaboration with Galfetti Architect, can boast the design of the new Biomedical Research Center in Bellinzona in Switzerland.
A couple of imported goals were set. The first would like the new construction to maintain, highlighting it, the great breath of the present landscape; This means a construction that safeguards the “green vacuum” offering a minimum height in height.
The second objective is to contribute to maximizing the urban park, currently in the design phase.
STEAM according to the above goals, is developing all RCVS systems in an integration with architectural and environmental design to minimize the visual and acoustic impact.
The plants that are the subject of design are:
– Summer and winter air conditioning system
– Drinking water treatment plant
– Compressed air and CO2 technical gas plant
– Waste water treatment plant
– Clean steam plant
For example, the design of the building’s air-conditioning system has taken into account the needs of the different areas used for different uses, in particular the “lab” areas for which requirements are required beyond the simple concept of maintenance Internal temperature and humidity conditions and “non lab” areas for which energy efficiency has been maximized without sacrificing good environmental conditions.