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The new hospital called “Madre Teresa di Calcutta” is a beautiful architectural work featuring a “wave” effect roof that recalls the sinuous lines of the nearby hills.

Its horizontal configuration is a striking feature of the design of this hospital complex, bringing not only a more human dimension to its interaction with the external world but also encouraging its interdisciplinary character. On the same level, it groups together functions that need to be physically close, facilitating patients and their safe management.

The building has high energy efficiency that STEAM has enhanced using a series of strategies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the hospital complex, along with the use of high-performance mechanical systems.

In addition, for climate control throughout the entire hospital complex, a trigeneration plant was designed and installed, which offers much higher performance than traditional heating and cooling systems.

The systems were split in order to independently manage operations in the different areas of the building.

Moreover, solutions were designed to recover energy in the air released from its various environments, as well as the use of high-performance condensing boilers and cooling units.

With a view to optimizing the use of resources, special systems were installed in the building for re-using rain water.