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July 19, 2011 – Inauguration of new Department of Emergency and Acceptance of Siena Hospital. STEAM took charge the entire design: architectural, structural, plant.

In the project barycenter idea is main, not only from a functional standpoint, by developing the connections that allow the current hospital organization to enhance communication between departments, but also from architectural point of view, materializing precise characteristics such as the harmonious, close relationship with the environment, balance, proportion, attention to detail.

STEAM strongly wanted the creation of a “strong” architecture in its aesthetic features, but extremely respectful of the local culture and context, which uses technology at the highest level, with cultural references ranging from architecture bioclimatic, green building, sustainability, architecture and environmental context, to landscaping and philosophy “user friendly”.

The plant design work, as standard STEAM pursuing the aim of energy saving combined with technologically advanced solutions, considerated the presence of departments and areas for their specificity required different solutions depending on their intended use.

Guiding design criteria that were the basis for plant design, are as follows:

  • High level of reliability and choice of equipment and components with high degree of intrinsic safety;
  • Flexibility of the plants to allow the extension of the main and secondary electrical panels and allow easy access for inspection and maintenance of the various equipment;
  • Plant Selectivity: the chosen architecture ensures that the part of the plant that is put out of service, in case of failure, is minimized;
  • Safety of installations, both against the dangers arising persons or thinks concerning electricity use, both in terms of protection in case of fire or other events unrelated to the use of electricity;
  • Suitable degree of comfort for the employees and users, obtained by a suitable choice of the lighting levels and the lighting fixtures and above all with a careful design of special plant (called, sound system, etc.).