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STEAM provided technical advice for the new Council Chamber of Segrate Municipality and provided following benefits:

  • Acoustic device;
  • Lighting calculations and evaluation of lighting needs;
  • Sound plant design complete of working drawings and block diagram.

Acoustics study of the Council Chamber was made in order to optimize the choice of interior finish materials for end-uses. The hall is used mainly for City Council meetings and business center but also offers ability to host concerts of small ensembles. interior finish material design has been agreed with architects in order to combine architectural aspects with those of acoustic comfort; calibrating room for listening speech.
Concerning lighting systems study, STEAM team chose luminaires according to architectural requirements and lighting requirements.
Sound system, provided inside the building, is scheduled for evacuation signals amplification, while conferencing and voting system can operate automatically or completely controlled by operator who has complete control of conference and delegate participation. The operator controls system with one or more PCs running application software modules. Applications are modular and allow operator to configure a control system according to single conference needs.