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STEAM win the project for the new Cittadella Sanitaria of Cà Foncello Hospital in Treviso, thanks to guidelines listed below:

  • user safety and well-being;
  • attention for achieving the maximum energy savings;
  • Flexibility and relative ease of management;
  • Use of modern and no polluting technologies;
  • Respect of current regulations and minimum requirements for authorisation to practice health and socio-health activities;
  • Plant flexibility to allow, as much as possible, both the individual as centralized management of lighting parameters;
  • Chance of excluding not used areas;
  • Reduction of management expenses;
  • Spaces and plant flexibility to allow future revisions of interior partitions;
  • Easy management and access of plant.

STEAM design team wanted to present mechanical, electrical, special and lighting plant in a general framework that included as common element the supply analysis, energy transformations and management for the new structure of the Presidium and for the areas involved in plant adaptation and restructuring.

STEAM carried out several technical and energy analysis to define plant configurations that represent the best compromise in terms of investment, economic returns and future management and maintenance economy.