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The new Cittadella Hospital emergency block, placed in a strategic position compared to other presidium buindings, was realized from scratch thanks to STEAM design. STEAM designed construction solutions focused to reducing energy consumption such as the glass facades of aluminum profiles with thermal break and double glazed low – emissivity with blades motorized sunshades.

External cladding of aluminum sheet for ventilated wall and glass wool panels for vertical surfaces were designed with the aim of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The project focused on:

  • Elimination of the RX room inside the emergency room, in consideration of the radiological structure that will be built on the upper floor;
  • Raising of a plan the Emergency block in order to realize 8 operating rooms. With this intervention Emergency block is rationally conceived both at the level of functions that of vertical and horizontal paths;
  • Realization on the second floor of a dialysis service area, originally scheduled in another hospital;
  • Realization of a heliport on the cover;
  • Upgrading of plant areas, both in the basement as in coverage, to satisfy the needs of the floors for operating rooms and the heliport.