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Alba-Bra hospital idea is based on an innovative concept that is hospital plate that breaks with packaged systems of previous years, developing the principle of dominant horizontal organization. This concept promotes in particular a better interrelation of departments, easy adaptation to internal evolutions, short, medium and long term, thanks to the natural light penetration of the places where there is a regular personal presence, and better working conditions, therefore, to a better quality of service to sick and surgeries.
STEAM thought the new hospital as arranged with most of the big hospital functions on a horizontal plate that is built around gardens and patios.
This arrangement has several advantages:

  • Ease of organization of medical-technical functions
  • Direct and horizontal relationship between surgical wards and technical medical plan
  • Great adaptability of the plans at departmental changes
  • Lighting with natural light in most local

The interior spaces architecture, also responds to operational requirements and need for flexibility typical of a hospital building. It also reflects the desire to offer patients of clinics, adult or child, and the staff, reassuring, bright and serene places.
Items such as the presence of natural light in the heart of the construction and as the heat of materials meet these requirements.
Organization and atmosphere of the rooms has been particularly studied. The surface of the windows is enhanced by a low ribbon windows that allow directly to the sick, lying in the beds, to have a good perception of the outside landscape. The headboards of the beds and the lights are designed so as to offer maximum visual comfort to the sick and personnel according to their respective needs.