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STEAM was commissioned to design energy efficiency interventions of thermo production facilities for Naples International. These interventions are designed to replace existing thermo production facilities (about 35 machines positioned mostly on the roof of terminal T1) with a single production pole of heating and cooling energy. The project involves the construction, as main work, a new technological building dedicated to new trigeneration plant (CHP fueled by methane gas and absorber for the simultaneous production of electricity, heat and cooling) and new thermo power plant. Firstly STEAM staff performed geological, geotechnical and hydraulic study and then moving to aeronautical study related to the interventions, building and structural design, plant engineering and fire.

Design elements can be listed as follows:

  • A new technological building dedicated to the following functions: new trigeneration plant; new thermo power plant; underground pipe network heat transfer fluids; new electrical transformer substation MV/LV in the aforementioned central services; thermal-hydraulic works for remaking existing UTA links and removal and disposal existing refrigeration equipment; Construction works of arrangement of adjacent areas outside the new trigeneration plant.
  • Underground links between new technological center and heat transfer fluid distribution network to end users;
  • New underground utilities for new trigeneration plant (natural gas pipeline, water supply, new electricity).