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STEAM obtained consultancy work for Merano theater for which created a three – dimensional model of the environment and an overall optimization of the acoustics of the room in agree with the functions and with the architectural features, through the study of interior finish materials.

For the evaluation of the acoustics it was used a special forecasting software called Odeon by which it was possible to create a full three-dimensional model of the environment and calculate the different parameters that characterize qualitatively the sound space.

The creation of three-dimensional model took place in stages, first introducing environmental geometry defining the absorption characteristics and acoustic behavior, placing in the environment a sound source and calculating the response of the positioning of the acoustic receivers in the audience.

It was also made a compatibility analysis of noise sources introduced by the project compared to the urban context in which it is inserted, with reference to national legislation.

Scope of this study is to verify the system noise in areas served by them, to safeguarding the acoustic comfort conditions in rooms open to the public.