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SAVE, the company managing airport services at Venice Marco Polo airport, planned to increase airport facilities after performing market surveys. The inevitable increase in energy consumption related to this development raised questions about the type of expansion to adopt, which led SAVE to undertake a path aimed at energy efficiency and a reduction in environmental impact.

As part of that path, STEAM was entrusted with implementing the new trigeneration plant designed for the extended configuration of the airport up to 2020. It will be an important contribution to increased efficiency for airport production of electrical, thermal and cooling energy.

The project guidelines include energy efficiency, reducing energy costs and rationalising maintenance, since all the appliances that produce electrical, thermal and cooling energy are located in a single delocalised centre in relation to the airport terminal. The new centre groups together the thermal energy production service, the cooling energy and electrical energy production services with the aid of cogenerators that will operate parallel to the mains supply, and the preheating of sanitary water and fire fighting services.