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STEAM was responsible for design of new buildings of Veterinary Medicine Faculty and Agriculture Faculty for Lodi University.

Particular attention was given to plants flexibility, in particular distribution system, ensuring possibility of inclusion or displacement of the end users, to allow the expansion of electrical panels providing necessary capacity and power reserve, as well as to be able to get an easy reconfiguration of environment and intended use, without having to intervene on plants, reducing intervention time, costs and related inefficiencies.

Among the main aims placed at the base of design and engineering choices it was at first considered to the obtaining of an extreme reduction of energy consumption. The choice of components and modern measuring and control systems has led to the search of an electrical system and the logic of production and distribution thermos refrigerators able to consistently reduce energy consumption.

A high degree of comfort was secured for workers and users, in particular obtained by a suitable choice of lighting levels and the luminaires (use of LED technology and light adjustment systems).

The management by employees is also guaranteed thanks to an efficient system of supervision and plants control.