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The completion of the new services block at Camposampiero Hospital involved logistics, organisational and functional structuring of the Second Floor of the hospital building; where the three Functional Areas are based: Pathological Anatomy, the Inter-institutional Department of Transfusion Medicine (D.I.M.T.) and part of the Test Laboratory.

The choice of architecture and systems made by Steam varied according to different uses. In particular, with regard to the laboratories, the following distinctive features were carefully assessed:

The need for sterility with regard to the danger of contaminating samples;

  • hazards arising from the use of chemical substances required for testing, with a special focus on risks for operators;
  • the need for work to be done under extractor hoods in order to prevent contact between operators and vapours released by the chemical substances used;
  • endogenous loads with special reference to dispersion from the equipment used, their cycle time, frequency of use and simultaneous operation;
  • thermal and acoustic comfort for occupants in compliance with current legislation.