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STEAM was commissioned by Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A. Milan to write up the project for Guido Salvini Hospital expansion in Garbagnate Milanese.
A project basic principle was to proportion the new building than the existing that is environmentally sustainable and that can communicate with areas dedicated to green that surround it. New complex in fact, given also peculiar geo-morphological characteristics of the area, was conceived as “a hospital in an urban park”.
Hospital architecture, designed by STEAM, is also characterized by horizontality principle. Horizontality can ensure operational efficiency by providing on one level functions that need to be in the vicinity.
Another feature is the importance given to natural light. It filters naturally through glazed parts of the facades; it is therefore sought, in the project, to increase facades development in order to offer natural light to the greatest possible number of local hospital and for personal work, trying to take maximum advantage of daylight by inserting however shielding elements able to control phenomenon, ensuring protection of interior by a light too intense and increase of heat.
Garbagnate Milanese Hospital aims are to reconcile technological complexity of human dimension, which will provide healthy environments and users which will contain within it work spaces comfortable for operators.