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Aeroporto Toscano Galileo Galilei S.p.A (SAT) of Pisa decided to install a trigeneration plant at the Airport service. Trigeneration is realized by a group of CHP generating electricity and heat and an absorption refrigerator that becomes part of the cooling energy cogenerated heat. The fundamental component, which determines dimensioning of the entire system, is the eight cycle engine functioning with natural gas; by its power descends the power producible by refrigerator unit and sizing of all the lines and for other system components. STEAM, to carry out the project, has previously carried out the noise impact studies to understand the noise level of the new center inside the airport and the result was that it was compatible with the context in which it is inserted.
The new cogeneration plant consists mainly of:

A new building for cogeneration plant consists of three rooms:
1. Local CHP plant: to house the engine, housed in a special soundproof cowling and the waste heat from the engine system;
2. Local new oil and oil storage tanks used for the engine cogeneration;
3. Local cab electro (electrical panels, transformers, control system).

On the building roof, the following equipment was provided:

  • Auxiliary air heaters for cooling the engine
  • The ejection system including smoke
    1. SCR preparing;
    2. silencer;
    3. recovery boiler;
    4. fireplace;
  • Condensing units for cooling electrical substation

The cooling unit and the cooling tower instead have been positioned in the proximity of the CTE thermal power plant, for which the hot water pipes coming from the co-generator, after feeding the refrigerator group, can easily reach the CTE.