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“Dukhan Community College” design located at Dukhan, north of Qatar, was a particularly stimulating challenge dictated primarily by high building and plant standards required by Qatar Petroleum, a company controlled by the Emir, and by extreme weather conditions, with very high daytime temperatures (up to 42 ÷ 47 ° C) and more low night (30 ÷ 35 ° C) but characterized by relative humidity close to 100%. This led to a careful choice of materials and equipment required for intervention in this “extreme” climate but difficult to find in the world market as not standard.

The college occupies an area of ​​approximately 40,000 m² on three floors, on a geographic area of ​​approximately 115,000 sqm and is home to 250 employees and 1,500 students aged between three and eighteen years, broken down by classes and types of educational services offered.

STEAM gave great importance to the issues of energy savings by creating several shaded outdoor areas accessible to students and service personnel, natural ventilation systems, energy-efficient plant, materials appropriate to the climate and aesthetically responsive to the architectural standards of Qatar which, although geared to modernity, has some references to Arab traditions.