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Datacenter INFN CNAF was designed by STEAM team divided into three rooms: the first two, mainly in the service of mechanical plants serving IT structures, and the third which provides an area for electrical panels, a warehouse and one for mechanical plants.
The project involves construction of all mechanical plants necessary for disposal of the heat produced and dissipated by IT equipments and from all electrical components adopted for the smooth operation of the Computing Center.
Great attention was given for designed plants to provide future and any expansions and / or changes in the layout of computer equipment. The same has been done in order to allow the maintenance operations on all equipments, without the risk of shutdown of any equipment, unless this has not been programmed. It was also foreseen the realization of a control system and electrical plants supervision and control systems for mechanical plants, suitable to automate and make detachable all controls and system commands, making diagnostic tests and permitting system display, allowing to carry out targeted interventions. The Central Supervision and Control System is based ona Server / Client architecture. The operator station can also be “remote” and connected “web” for technical and administrative supervision needs.