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New cycle path in Trieste, from Campo Marzio in the Municipality of Trieste to the former station Draga S. Elia, Slovenian border, has been realized thanks to STEAM team that oversaw design and subsequent supervision of works.

The work included in particular the following works in preparation for completion of cycle path:

  • Parking in Via Orlandini and Terminal Building
  • Underpass SP. 11

The work consisted mainly in the construction of a building called “Terminal”, placed in the new square, obtained thanks to the construction of two semi-circular retaining walls covered in local stone.

This building operates as bars and information and visual signal element of the beginning and the end of the track pedestrian cycle.

The Terminal is located in the center of the new square and is connected to the normal traffic from a ramp that provides access to the new terraced parking with 44 places and 7 places for motorcycles.

It has made adequate lighting of the square and the parking and all the equipment necessary for the use of the building. The intervention of the underpass of the provincial road n. 11 “Prebenico”, it was necessary to restore the connection and continuity of cycle-pedestrian track whose route was discontinued as works for construction of the highway.