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Borgo Roma Hospital in Verona is considered as a functional model, typical of the 60s, characterized by a high percentage of patient areas within the hospital and good comfort for the users, also given the opportunity to directly illuminate all environments. For modern healthcare needs it is more appropriate because at date is required a greater amount of diagnostic and treatment services than the patient areas. The Administration, in order to balance the entire hospital structure, has entrusted design of a new building within the Polyclinic to STEAM team. New project involves construction of a building of eight floors with Day Service wards, technical area, clinic interventional area and reception area, located near to existing buildings and connected to them by means of two connecting bodies.

Well conceived design solution has the following characteristic features:

  • Identification of an entry defined as the square-space central to the entire hospital complex where all the information reception services are identified;
  • Localization of outpatient facility and day hospital in the body in front of the hospital as if to signify the filter function that the service is to fulfill with regard to admission;
  • Structural hospital system with a spaces distribution according to a strict symmetry and thus of functional balance system;
  • Public services unitarity;
  • Clarity of access paths and internal distribution;
  • Buildings Unification in a “unique architecture”.

STEAM project guarantees real possibility of extension of the hospital system of Borgo Roma and structural and constructive choices are conferred the greatest flexibility and processing capacity in the time frame. Flexibility made through system choices will ensure adjustment to change the subject to which intervention areas will be submitted over the years. Another element determined in terms of technological convertibility is careful selection of technology areas in which to install the systems. Large equipment (heat exchangers, air handling units, hot water treatment, etc.) will be identified and separated from accommodation areas in complete safety.