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Datacenter located in Dossobuono di Villafranca (VR) is housed within an existing building to adapt. It was followed as a guideline for designing the technical standard Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, TIA-942, prepared by the most sensitive American circles to computer problems.
Datacenter is designed to provide a high level of service continuity. It is not expected that servers have to be stopped to perform routine infrastructure maintenance. Behind processing continuity there is not only electrical power but many other aspects that are often neglected or relegated to second place. Continuity means availability. Availability depends directly on system reliability. System reliability is guaranteed by interaction of multiple parts and multiple components, structured together to achieve the same purpose. STEAM has made design with well-integrated and communicating systems through components standardization, implementation of communications and infrastructure management systems, easy integration of subsystems to a global structure.
Plant study to achieve the environmental conditions necessary for smooth operation of computer systems, has been developed considering external climatic conditions of the area. Servers were designed placing them face-to-face and back-to-back, for reasons of efficiency in heat dissipation, so as to form hot aisles (ejection rear air) and cold (front entrance), with different sizes of the same corridors.