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STEAM forerunner with the first example of presentation to the virtual public in an EIA procedure in times of COVID 19

On 22 April, the Environmental Impact Study prepared by STEAM della Variante at S.P.1 was presented to the public in the towns of Bardies and Lentiai in the Municipality of Borgo Valbelluna. The EIA procedure requires public information and its participation in the decision-making process so that the project can incorporate the needs of those who live in the area concerned. With a completely unusual method in Italian practice, the presentation took place by videoconference, on the initiative of ing. Alessandra Lisiero and Tommaso Bujo of STEAM and in agreement with the municipality concerned. For the success of the event, a special operating procedure protocol has been applied, developed to allow maximum understanding and an orderly and effective discussion, in relation to STEAM’s video conferencing platform. This solution has guaranteed respect for health by avoiding any gathering and with the maximum participation of citizens and environmental subjects.