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Steam and Manens-Tifs together in one group, 50 million in turnover with the partnership

With the integration into a single reality, of the two historic Venetian engineering companies Manens-Tifs and Steam, a Group is born that assumes a role of absolute leadership on the Italian market and able to compete with the most listed engineering companies in the world.


Manens-Tifs and Steam have been working for decades in the design of large buildings and civil infrastructures, such as hospitals, airports, university centers and research laboratories and are unanimously recognized among specialists in these sectors. Both have their roots firmly anchored to the University of Padua, of which the founders were important teachers and researchers.

The two companies together will form a Group with over 250 employees in the Italian operational offices and over 150 in the offices abroad, with an annual turnover of over 50 million euros which will place it among the top ten engineering companies in Italy and in a position of absolute importance in international rankings.


Manens-Tifs spa was born from the integration of two of the main Italian consulting engineering companies, which have been active on the market for over fifty years, and operates in the construction sector with a particular specialization in the field of sustainability and energy. It provides services ranging from feasibility studies to design in all its phases up to site and project management, always maintaining a special attention to innovation and research. A philosophy that has made it possible to win the trust of both large private clients such as funds, banks and insurance companies, and public administrations such as hospitals, universities and research institutions.


Manens-Tifs is today an international reference in the technological design of large complexes in the tertiary sector. It ranges from iconic projects, created in collaboration with the biggest names in world architecture, such as the CityLife complex in Milan (in collaboration with Zaha Hadid, Libeskind, Bjarke Ingels, Arata Isozaki), or the Torre Intesasanpaolo in Turin (with Renzo Piano ), from the Tower of the Piedmont Region (with Massimiliano Fuksas), to reach the new scientific campuses of the State University of Milan in the former Expo area and of the University of Turin in Grugliasco. And then again the health facilities: the new Ospedale all’Angelo in Mestre, the new Confortini Surgical Center and the Hospital for Women and Children in Verona, the expansion of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, the Cisanello in Pisa, the new Hospital in Taranto. and many others. The competence of Manens-Tifs has also established itself abroad where the company is developing large-scale projects in Kazakhstan and in the Middle East (in Saudi Arabia it is following the construction of two Medical Cities, which represent the major healthcare construction projects in construction course in the area).Finally, the company has developed a section specialized in the design of technological systems on board large cruise ships and has for years been a stable partner of Fincantieri with which it has collaborated in the construction of the largest cruise ships built in Italy. Steam is an engineering and architecture company founded in 1980 by engineer professor Mauro Strada. Leveraging on an interdisciplinary and excellent technical team, Steam has specialized in managing the entire process that leads from the conception of a large building to its concrete realization, successfully completing works of great scale and complexity.To give an idea of ​​the projects entrusted to Steam, we can mention, among the dozens of orders in recent years, the new campus of Social, Political and Economic Sciences in the former Piave Barracks in Padua, the new hospital of Monopoli-Fasano in Puglia, the expansion of the passenger terminal of the Genoa airport, the new civil court in Venice in the headquarters of the former Tobacco Factory, up to the new Schiavonia Hospital whose design concept was indicated as the ideal model for hospital facilities in the Covid19 era. Abroad we remember, among others, the new Research Institute in Biomedicine in Bellinzona, Switzerland, the Dukhan Community College in Qatar, the hospitals of Nis andNovi Sad in Serbia. He collaborates with two of the most famous architects in the world, David Chipperfield and Albert De Pineda. The great changes that await us in the coming years, in all sectors, environmental, social and health, are just as many extraordinary opportunities for development and growth for the two companies and it is with this spirit and with this objective that the two companies have defined this project of integration. In the construction of new buildings and in the recovery and renovation of existing ones, environmental sustainability, in all its forms and under all aspects, will represent the main driver of development of the activities: not only the application of the best technologies and materials and the most suitable solutions. construction to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and optimization in the use of natural resources, but also study and implementation of new management models. In fact, we think of the opportunities ensured by the monitoring and digitization of real estate and infrastructural assets, by the reorganization of the health system also through telemedicine applications, just to name a few. Gianluca Calace CEO of Steam underlines: “Joining the forces and capabilities of Steam and Manens-Tifs allows us to tackle the new projects with very solid foundations and above all to be a reality capable of attracting the best talents. The great preparation and passion of our collaborators have always been one of the reasons for our success. This integration also allows us to structure and offer more articulated professional growth paths in Italy and abroad, thus accelerating the strengthening and quality of a team that is already an excellence” Giorgio Finotti, President and CEO of Manens-Tifs comments: “This integration unites two excellences of Italian engineering who deeply share values ​​and roots. The story of both in fact originates from the university world, from which they have borrowed the approach that has always distinguished design work. Our effort always tends to consider the assignment received as an opportunity for research and analysis, developing solutions that not only comply with the most stringent regulations and the requirements requested by the customer but which aim to exceed existing standards and set new improvement objectives, to light also of the challenges that we all have to face to create a more sustainable future and attentive to a balance between the footprint of anthropogenic activities and the natural environment “. Mauro Strada, President of Steam explains: “Unity is strength and those that unite are two companies originally from Padua but projected on a global scale for many years, with offices and staff throughout Italy and abroad, each already “Strong” of notable successes in the complex market in which they operate, recognized as among the best in the difficult task of making complex projects concrete, overcoming all the obstacles that arise between the initial idea (drawn on paper or better today on computer screens) and the ‘finished work and usable by users of the same, whether it is a large hospital, an airport or other. As the Draghi government recently recalled, “all international studies come to the conclusion that company size makes the difference” in a country’s economy. This is why he hoped that “Italy will equip itself with medium-sized samples to better serve the entire demand curve”, and it is precisely in this perspective that our integration project fits in to provide Italy with a “champion” in the increasingly crucial sector of Engineering and Architecture “. The development model of the last decades shows its limits and a new one is being defined: with this integration Steam and Manens-Tifs want to respond to the new challenges by preparing to seize the great opportunities that are presenting themselves.