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COVID-19_Construction work for the new cardio-thoracic department Asclepios III of the Bari Polyclinic has been restarted; Steam plays the role of Supervision of works and Safety coordination

Excellent news for Italian construction. The reopening of this important hospital construction site is a sign of a strong recovery in a still difficult moment for the country. Safety will be guaranteed in compliance with the new national protocols for the prevention of Covid19, but also with measures designed for the specific risks of this site. In addition to measuring the temperature of anyone who accesses, staff training was organized, a shift for the use of the common areas (changing rooms and the canteen area), sanitization activities and controls for compliance with the obligation were regulated of use of personal protective equipment. The company has identified the Covid supervisors who will be responsible for managing the new system of rules. The Works Management and the executing company are preparing an operational plan aimed at the early conclusion of the works to equip the Policlinico of Bari with the functionality of the new complex within one year.