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21st July 2017 – Beginning of construction works of Asclepios III complex inside the Policlinico di Bari Hospital

Great satisfaction for the beginning of construction works of the Ascleplios III complex inside the Policlinico di Bari Hospital. The project was led by Steam and designed in partnership with Pinearq from Barcellona.

The president of Apulia Region Michele Emiliano, the major of Bari Antonio Decaro and the director of the hospital Vitangelo Dattoli, carried out the groundbreaking ceremony.

The complex will represent the future heart of the hospital and it will concentrate all cardiothoracic functions: cardiology, pulmonology, cardio surgery, thoracic surgery and vascular surgery.

The building will have 7 floors measuring a total of 25,000 sqm and it will encompass one operating block with 5 ORs (one for heart transplant) one angiography block with 4 units (one stereotactic), ward units with around 200 beds, one intensive care unit, exam rooms area and one educational area for interns.