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About Us

STEAM S.r.l. is an Engineering and Architecture company established as a result of the natural development of Studio Strada e Associati, founded in 1980 thanks to Prof. Eng. Mauro Strada.

From the outset, STEAM business has focused on plant engineering designs for large buildings, such as Hospitals, Airports and Theatres, as well as consultancy for the acoustics, energy and environmental fields.

In the years that followed, STEAM extended its operational capacity to the sectors of Management and Maintenance, Cogeneration of electricity and heat, Architectural design.

Now STEAM is able to manage a complete work process about Design, Works Management and Project Management.

STEAM follows through a project from concept creation to the implementation phase using its technical set-up, with an interdisciplinary approach that allows the continuous presence of specialised professionals, throughout all project phases. Therefore, the company can guarantee that choices and technical measures, particularly essential for complex projects with major implications regarding ecological and/or physical aspects and environmental hygiene, are fully complementary.

STEAM is ultimately the best solution for all Design, Works Management or Project Management requirements for public and private clients.